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We offer high quality private therapy that you can trust. All interventions are based on the latest clinical evidence and all team members are senior clinicians in their fields, with relevant accreditation and insurance.



Dr Farha Choudhary

Dr Farha Choudhary is a Consultant Psychologist with many years experience of working to support individuals, couples, and organisations with significant difficulties. She is passionate about helping others to make the changes they want and deserve. She currently developing sustainable and good quality psychology services within a Central London NHS trust.

Dr Choudhary completed her doctorate at the University of Surrey and has been in clinical practice since 2004. Dr Choudhary is highly skilled at providing assessment and treatment to individuals and couples with a wide array of difficulties including anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions, stress and relationship issues, working both short and long term with individuals. As a woman from an ethnic background herself, Dr Choudhary is committed to considering issues of difference and social inequality in her work with clients, paying particular attention to the implications of race, gender, class, social status and sexual orientation on self-development and life progress.

Dr Choudhary is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), psychodynamic counselling, Person-Centred therapy, Mindfulness based approaches and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and can offer therapy in these modalities.

In her organisational consultancy work, Dr Choudhary offers a range of interventions to support managers, executives and teams to work through challenges in the work place, with an emphasis on improving performance and promoting a healthy organisational culture. This includes consultations to organisations regarding institutional racism.

Gayle Gilder

Gayle Gilder is a qualified mental health nurse and probation officer and has over 30 years’ experience of working with complex service users in both mental health and criminal justice settings. She has worked with teams in community, in patient and custodial settings and is skilled at helping individuals understand their own behaviour in order to adapt or change it by using a psychological framework.

By assessing their needs, collaboratively planning a pathway of intervention, implementing an agreed action plan and evaluating it she helps clients with an eclectic range of emotional difficulties. She has a wide range of experience in facilitating Cognitive Behaviour Therapy programmes/ individual intervention and is skilled in motivational interviewing having worked with the Singapore criminal justice system.

She holds a BA (hons) degrees in Community Justice and English Literature, Diplomas in Probation Studies and Counselling and is in the process of completing an MSc in personality disorder.

Ms Gilder has extensive experience in coaching staff and training teams and regularly consults to individual staff with an emphasis on developing resilience. She is passionate about helping individuals/teams to reach their potential within organisations and regularly offers training sessions to implement this.

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