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At Revive we offer a comprehensive assessment and treatment service, that places you at the heart of the intervention. You can feel secure in knowing that sessions are based on research evidence from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE guidance), that practitioners have many years of experience in their respective fields and that our work is regularly supervised.

We want to ensure our interventions are supportive and help you reach your purpose.   

What We Offer

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Individual Sessions

Online confidential space. We offer comprehensive assessments and treatment options based on current research guidance. We also offer one off sessions for people who are looking for consultation and advice on a particular issue.

Couple Sessions

Online confidential space. We offer sessions for couples and individuals looking for a safe space to explore any relationship dilemmas. One off sessions are also possible.

Telephone Sessions

Confidential call. We offer telephone sessions to existing clients, as check ins for those times when you might want to additional support.

Difficulties we can help you with




Culturally based difficulties

Covid-19 related difficulties


Eating difficulties

Gender inequalities

Identity development

Low confidence

Low self esteem

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Personality disorder

Racial injustice

Relationship problems


Social inequalities

Stress management



Our Therapies

We offer therapy that is informed by the following therapeutic approaches. Click a therapy to read more.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Focuses on helping you to discover the thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns that keep you stuck in your life. By working out the blocks, you and your therapist can establish alternative responses that improve your wellbeing. This therapy is particularly helpful for those with stress, anxiety and depression.
Psychodynamic Therapy
A relational therapeutic approach that links past experiences to present life patterns and brings to light factors that affect our lives and are out of our awareness.
Mindfulness Based approaches including Cognitive Therapy
Recommended for depression, anxiety and other mental health difficulties, with this approach you will become aware of your experience and be able to find better ways of responding. This is the ultimate therapy in providing a sense of awareness and control whilst staying in the present moment.
Person-Centered Therapy
This therapy helps you to experience a validating space where you can discuss your difficulties without judgement, whilst talking through ways to develop new insights about your life.
Schema Informed Therapy
You will explore how past difficult experiences have developed into unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, that still affect your current life. You and your therapist will identify any unmet needs you may have had and try to find ways to heal these experiences to build a more meaningful life.
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
Developed to support individuals who self-harm, this approach is most helpful for those individuals who may experience extremes in emotion that lead to impulsive acts. Behaviours include increased spending, alcohol and drug misuse, relationship breakups and suicidal acts. Individuals meeting criteria for personality disorder can benefit from the therapy sessions and life skills sessions that help you to manage the highs and lows more effectively. For most effective treatment, twice weekly sessions are recommended. 
Systems-Psychodynamic Approach
There is greater acknowledgement that family systems, work environments and institutions can impact our mental health and wellbeing. Practitioners at Revive pay attention to this layer of the onion, including institutional failures, racism, cultural influences and inequalities.
Trauma-Focused Therapy
Using NICE Guidance approved approaches, at Revive we offer therapy that helps deal with the left over ‘residue’ from difficult and unexpected experiences that leave their mark on you and affect your wellbeing. Therapy aims to help you experience and overcome these difficulties, so you are less burdened by past unresolved experiences.

Practitioner Services

The World Health Organization recommends that work environments pay attention to staff wellbeing to avoid the damaging effects of burnout.

Covid-19 has also changed our perspectives about worklife balance. With the above in mind, we know it is important to reach your career goals but to also achieve a quality of life.

We offer personalised packages for individuals, small groups, businesses and services, to help you meet your needs professionally.


We offer specialist supervision to psychologists, therapist and other professionals who want to develop their practice. Sessions incorporate reflective practice, formulations, developing learning goals, treatment planning and practice development.

Career coaching

Now more than ever, people are realising that to be successful in your career you need professional guidance and support, to achieve your career goals, either independently or when working in large organisations. Your mentor can help you gain confidence and leadership skills in a work setting.

We specialise in supporting marginalised groups such as women and people from Black and Asian minority ethnic backgrounds, helping you to work towards shaping a future that feels under your control.


Training is one way to ensure your organization is looking after its staff. With an interactive focus, we offer bespoke training packages that are skills based and educational about mental health and wellbeing relevant to your workplace. Topics include stress management, avoiding burnout, improving quality of life, understanding mental health diagnosis and staying well at work.

Life coaching

At times we may find ourselves feeling directionless in our lives. Coaching enables you to work with someone to redefine your purpose, find your focus and set achievable goals in a time limited intervention.

Organisational Consultancy

With wellbeing and productivity at the heart of our work, our consultation approach supports managers and teams that feel ‘stuck’ in a dilemma. This could be due to high staff turnover, sickness, or a need for a debrief after a serious event or change. We use a psychologically informed approach towards understanding and resolving the underlying factors occurring in your teams. Such an approach promotes cohesion and resilience to help you refocus on your primary task.

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