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A warm welcome from Dr Farha Choudhary, Director of Revive Psychology. We strive to promote emotional health and wellbeing, based on hope, transparency, collaboration and compassion

We offer a range of high quality services including therapy, consultation and training. Rest assured that all interventions are based on the latest clinical evidence. 

Practitioners at Revive are senior clinicians in their fields, with relevant accreditation. 


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We are recognised for the quality of our work and for the reliability of our service.

Professionals & Teams

We offer solutions for professionals and teams, focusing on wellbeing and optimal performance.

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During these very challenging times, we want to empower you, so you feel greater peace of mind. 

One to One

We offer culturally sensitive therapy and coaching sessions. Our confidential spaces aim to help you reach your full potential.


We provide therapeutic spaces you can trust to explore your relationship issues. Contact us for further information.


We are specialists in leadership coaching, staff wellbeing programmes and supporting organisational change. Contact us for further information.

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Get a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss your therapy requirements. It’s friendly, confidential and no-obligation.

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We are currently operating online and able to see you across the UK

We are insured to work with people and teams based outside the UK. Contact us for further information



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